The pension fund announces that it is planned to cancel part of the pensions. Who is at risk?

Due to the lack of funds, the Pension Fund cannot provide all pensioners with truly decent pensions, especially when the system is being reformed and a gradual transition to a funded pension system is taking place.

Due to this, from 2021 it is planned to reduce the number of citizens entitled to early retirement. This primarily applies to recipients of preferential pensions. PFCs also want to stop awarding long-service pensions (payments may remain with a very small proportion of the population).

To further reduce costs in Ukraine, an increase in the retirement age of women and retirement age is envisaged. Thus, from 2028, the minimum retirement age should be 35 years.
It is reported that from July 1, the minimum pension will be increased by 74 UAH, and the maximum by 740 UAH. The second stage of pension increases is also planned for December.