TOP 8 vacancies that do not require work experience and have a high salary

The honorary 1st place among vacancies with the highest salary and without requirements for work experience in Ukraine is occupied by the sales manager. At the same time, managers and loaders receive 6,500 hryvnias less from the office.

This information was published in one of the major personnel portals. According to published data, an inexperienced cook can count on a salary of UAH 12,000.

TOP 8 vacancies with high salaries:

The first place in terms of salary is occupied by the sales manager (UAH 16,500);
Unexpectedly, the driver’s vacancy also has a high income (UAH 15,000);
The customer service manager closes the honorary top 3 (UAH 14,000);
Beginner cook (UAH 11,900);
Hall Manager (UAH 10,500);
Loader (UAH 10,000);
Office manager (UAH 10,000);
Sales consultant (UAH 10,000).

According to the statement of the Ministry of Economic Development, citizens of Ukraine will receive 12% more wages in 2021. It should be noted that part of this growth is offset by inflation. In 2022 it is planned to grow by 6%, in 2023 by 5%.