Where is better to open a deposit

Where it is profitable to open a contribution is a topic that requires special attention. Before putting money on a deposit, several dilemmas should be solved: term, type of deposit, bank, currency.

When choosing a deposit period, you should think about how quickly you will need cash. Today you can find deposits of any urgency – for several years, for a year, quarter, month. Banks also offer deposits, the term of which ends on any day that the depositor has chosen: if you need money exactly 38 days later, you have the right to open a deposit for exactly this number of days. However, think about what exactly you need and choose the appropriate type of deposit that will satisfy all your needs.

There are three types of deposit:


  1. Classic deposit – contributions and partial withdrawal of funds are not allowed.
  2. Opening a deposit without the possibility of investing money in an account.
  3. With the possibility of auxiliary investments and incomplete withdrawals – you can replenish, as well as partially withdraw money from the account.

The choice is determined by the purpose that the investor is guided by opening a deposit. The more functional the contribution, the less income it brings. Thus, the maximum profit in a classic deposit is less than in a deposit with the right to replenish funds.

It is up to the investor to decide where to open a deposit in Ukraine, and which financial institution to choose for this, since today many organizations offer quite favorable conditions for opening a deposit. Banks of Ukraine offer different interest rates, but it is only up to the depositor to decide what to choose – a reliable, stable bank with a low interest rate or a regional financial institution that is ready to offer a fairly high percentage.

Today, money can be invested in hryvnia and in foreign currency, it all depends on individual considerations about the prospects of a particular currency and the interest on deposits in it.

“Where is it better to open a deposit?” – This is a matter of interest to a larger number of people. It can be solved after a careful study of the conditions for the deposit, which are offered by various financial organizations. ZaRaZ provides its customers with favorable conditions for deposits. Experienced employees have an individual approach to each client and will advise which type of contribution is right for you.

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