Winners of 2019 in the contest “The Best Coin of Ukraine” have been determined

A set of 4 Pectoral commemorative coins (made of silver and with a face value of UAH 10 each) won the Best Coin of Ukraine contest. It is dedicated to a unique relic of antiquity, namely the gold ornament of the Scythian king found in Ukraine, which has become a symbol of elite heritage.

There was also a nomination “The best disclosure of the topic” in which the winner was a commemorative coin “Granting Tomos about the autocephaly of the PCU” (it is made of nickel silver and has a face value of 5 UAH). The coin is dedicated to an event that has become historic and fair for Ukraine and its people.

The nomination “Best Coin of Ukraine” dates back to 2005, when it was still held in two stages. During the first stage, an open vote will be held (it lasts from February 3 to April 6). In the second stage, a secret ballot is held by members of the special commission.