When a person has free financial assets in considerable quantities, a logical question arises: where can I invest money with profit? Carrying your hard earned money to one of the banks is not reliable. In the context of the protracted economic crisis, there are no guarantees that the depositor will receive his money back. On the other hand, capital should not lie dead weight “under the mattress”, it should work and increase.

Further, we will talk about where you can invest money and how to make a profit. So, here are four ideas for private investment.


Where can I invest money at interest? The obvious option immediately suggests itself: in foreign currency. But is it really beneficial? The fact is that in the world every now and then new currency wars erupt, leading to significant fluctuations in exchange rates. So, even the most experienced experts today will not dare to predict what the euro or pound sterling will be like, say, in six months. On the other hand, the contribution of one’s money to a more or less reliable foreign currency will help to cover annual inflation indicators, which are at the level of 5-6% (according to official data).


How reliable is it to invest your assets in gold – this “eternal value”? It’s hard to say for sure. Demand, and hence price, for yellow metal in the world is constantly increasing. However, it should be understood that banking institutions, as a rule, sell to their customers virtual, non-cash gold (that is, one that has not even been extracted from the bowels of the earth). And if suddenly the majority of depositors require banks to give them real gold in their hands, then the price for it can drop sharply and significantly.

The property

Real estate is another popular solution to the dilemma: “where can I invest money to make a profit?”. Housing in many cities of Ukraine is getting more expensive, even despite the raging economic crisis. This is primarily due to the fact that Ukrainians do not trust banks. However, whether real estate will continue to grow in price further – there is no definite answer to this question.

Small and medium business

If you still do not know where you can profitably invest money – turn your attention to small business. In a crisis, it is small businesses that can bring tangible income. However, in the case of such an investment, it is necessary to carefully monitor the demand for specific products, as well as examine possible competitors in the market.

Benefit, benefit, and once again benefit. Proper investment of money

So where can you invest money in modern conditions? There are a lot of options. To choose the safest and most profitable option, you should consider all the possible risks of your investment. You can get competent advice on where you can invest money, and where it is not worth it, you can from the specialists of our institution.

Credit Union “ZaRaZ” is an experienced and professional team that is successfully engaged in mutual lending between individuals. With us, any owner of capital will be able to decide where to invest their funds with the greatest benefit and with the least risk.