Monthly deposit

Very often a person plans to purchase a purchase, but there are not enough funds or the desired product is not available. In this case, you can put money on a deposit for a month, this will not only save them, but also bring additional finances.

Many people think that long-term deposits are the most profitable and bring a lot of income: the longer the deposit period, the more profitable the bank offers. But this is not always the case. By investing a large sum of cash savings, you expect to remove a decent percentage per annum, but sometimes a deal is scheduled that requires a lot of money. The man is in dismay: to break the contract ahead of schedule or to re-borrow money at a considerable percentage. What to do? Having decided to take your savings from a banking institution, you will receive penalties if you break the contract ahead of schedule. All these points are spelled out in the contract, but not all are interested in them. Many banks recalculate interest from the first day of the deposit and as a result, it can make up 2% of the expected 13% per annum.

But you can foresee the course of such events and put financial savings on the deposit for 1 month and, if necessary, extend it. The bet will be less, but you can win if you need savings.

Profitable deposits for 1 month are relevant if you decide to go on vacation. You should not take money with you, as it is not safe. They can also be left in a bank safe, for which you have to pay; or open an account “Demand”, at a small percentage. The easiest way is to use a fixed-term deposit for 1 month, which has an attractive interest rate and will increase money while you relax.

The terms of sale and acquisition of expensive things do not always coincide: house, apartment, car. In the hands of a lot of money, and replacement is not yet expected. The best deposit in this case is a short-term deposit, which will protect your money, as they often depreciate due to inflation. Today on the market you will find multicurrency deposits (in dollars – hryvnias – euros), which allow you to transfer deposits from one monetary currency to another and reduce the risk of depreciation. You must carefully read the contract to avoid inaccuracies.

Thus, short-term deposits in Kiev are a useful tool that can be used to accumulate cash.