Many people who have free funds often ask themselves: “How is it profitable to invest money?”. Today, there are many banks and organizations that help to increase money through deposits, since the main function of cash is to increase it. But not all people believe that investing in this way is profitable and safe and do not understand that storing cash at home is a big risk.

If you or your company want to find reliability and favorable rates on deposits, you need to pay attention to organizations that have been engaged in this field for more than a year, are efficient, have an individual approach and offer a good percentage of the deposit.

Types of deposits are developed entirely individually, but they can be divided into three categories: term, demand, and conditional. Deposits can be carried out by legal entities and individuals.

The main advantages of cooperation with financial institutions, which should be paid attention in the first place:

  • – high interest rate of the deposit;
  • – individual selection of the deposit program;
  • – favorable conditions for depositing;
  • – selection of optimal interest accrual programs;
  • – the ability to register a power of attorney to dispose of the deposit.

ZaRaZ offers favorable rates on deposits in Ukraine, insurance of all types of deposits, competent work of highly qualified workers, money back guarantees. Having funds for deposits, you can profitably place them on a deposit and protect cash resources from inflation and other force majeure circumstances.

We are pleased to provide our clients with various deposits: Classic deposit with deposit, Classic deposit without deposit, Savings deposit with deposit, Savings deposit without deposit, Future of a child, Electronic wallet. The term of the majority of deposits is 24 months, and the minimum amount: 1000 UAH. Interest payments are made every month or at the end of the contract, depending on the contribution. We also have short-term deposits (Kiev) on favorable terms.