Many dream of a car, and the more expensive the model, the more difficult it is to save money to buy. But there is another option – to take money on credit for a car. How to choose a credit organization?

Credit Unions

Many have heard about credit unions, but did not use their services. But in vain – these are financial institutions that provide the opportunity to obtain a profitable loan.

Credit unions issue loans on simple terms, often with a minimal set of documents and even with a bad credit history. Most loans are focused on consumer needs, and borrowers who dream of a car can find unique offers here.

The advantage of working with credit unions

How to get a car loan without income statement? Today, most banks curtailed the car loan program, and it is almost impossible to take a loan from them to buy a used car. Another thing is credit unions that will help you buy a car on credit without inquiries on favorable terms.

Money for a car in a credit union is:

  • convenient – simple conditions; you can apply online;
  • quickly – transaction processing takes on average about a day;
  • simple – a minimum package of documents;
  • real – low failure rate, even with a damaged credit history;
  • profitable – loyal credit conditions.

If the borrower needs a large amount, you will need to provide a security deposit. This is the minimum necessary procedure, which does not pose any threat to the borrower, because he is going to repay the loan . But if certain circumstances arise, then the credit unions are always ready to provide a deferred payment, prolongation of the transaction or restructuring.

Car loan from ZaRaZ

Need a car loan in Kiev? Contact the company ZaRaZ. Here you can receive up to half a million hryvnias by providing only a passport, TIN and title documents for a pledge. No other documents, such as an income statement, are needed. You can get a loan in one day.

ZaRaZ Credit Union is a convenient, profitable and loyal lending in the city of Kiev. To calculate the payment, you can contact the company office or use the loan calculator, which is located on our website. Here you can familiarize yourself with the conditions of a loan for a car without a certificate of income, as well as apply for it.