Everyone wants to have their own corner, but not everyone can afford to buy an apartment during the crisis in Ukraine. For those with a regular income, a mortgage would be the best option, but many financial institutions have abandoned these programs.

Credit Unions

In the financial services market, credit unions are becoming increasingly popular. They are organizations that provide financial services, most often these are deposit operations and loans .

In addition to popular consumer loans, credit unions give out large amounts, it can be:

  • cash on the security;
  • car loan;
  • home loan.

It is these financial institutions that can be an outlet for those who want to take a loan for real estate, but have received a refusal from the bank.

Benefits of Real Estate Loans in Credit Unions

Loans from credit unions differ from standard bank ones. This leads to their growing popularity. Credit unions have low requirements for borrowers. To obtain a loan there is no need to provide a large package of documents. Usually enough passport and collateral (if the terms of the loan this implies).

Banks have become more demanding on borrowers. They are increasingly less likely to approve the issuance of a loan, and if a client has a spoiled credit history, it is definitely impossible to get a loan from a bank for an apartment. Credit unions are more loyal and issue loans for real estate even to those who, for various reasons, have had a bad credit history. In addition, they offer favorable credit conditions, because the provision of collateral significantly reduces risks, which means it makes it possible to reduce the interest rate or increase the term.

Real estate loan from the credit union ZaRaZ

You can take an apartment on credit in Kiev by contacting our credit union ZaRaZ. The company features are favorable conditions and an individual approach to each borrower. Therefore, the client can always count on a positive decision.

ZaRaZ Company is a reliable partner and ally who will help solve your problem and provide you with a loan for an apartment on favorable terms. For registration, it is enough to provide a passport, identification code and documents on the subject of the pledge. The conditions and amount are considered individually, the loan can reach UAH 1,000,000, and you can get it in just one day.

An apartment in Kiev on credit is real. If you do not have enough funds to buy – on our website https://zaraz.org.ua/ , you can familiarize yourself with the terms of the loan, get answers to your questions and apply online for a loan.