Appendix # 1

to the loan agreement No.__

from «__» ______ 201_г.


Settlement schedule


Loan grant date:“__” ______ 201_r.
Personal account:
Interest base:Remaining loan amount
Amount of credit:
Interest rate:


  1. This schedule establishes the frequency and amount of payments by the Borrower for the repayment of the loan and payment of interest (interest) for the use of the loan, namely:


dateRemainderAccrued interestTo pay
Principal amountPercentPrincipal amountPercent


According to clause 4.2. Agreements, responsibility for securing a loan in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and all costs associated with such registration (payment for the services of a registrar, notary, insurer, appraiser, etc.) are assigned to the Borrower if the security of the obligation is subject to execution

  1. Payment by the Borrower of the cost of other services related to the conclusion of this Agreement, receipt, maintenance and repayment of the loan is not provided for by this Agreement.
  2. If the Borrower complies with the Settlement Schedule, the total cost of the loan, including the costs associated with securing the loan, is ________________ UAH. or ______% of the amount of the loan received and includes:


4.1. Interest for using the loan _________________ UAH. or __% of the loan amount;

4.2. The cost of the registrar’s services is ____________ UAH. or__% of the loan amount (if any);

4.3. The cost of notary services is _____________ UAH. or __% of the loan amount (if any);

4.4. The cost of the insurer’s services is _____________ UAH. or __% of the loan amount (if any);

4.5. The cost of the appraiser’s services is _____________ UAH. or __% of the loan amount (if any);

4.6. Cost of services / payments __________________________ ( indicate other services / payments paid by the Borrower when receiving a loan) _________________ UAH. or ______% of the loan amount.

The indicated aggregate cost of the loan remains unchanged if the Borrower observes the loan settlement schedule established by the Agreement.


  1. This Schedule is concluded in two original copies, one for each of the Parties and is an integral part of the loan agreement No. ______ dated “___” _______ 201___.


Signatures of the parties


Kreditodavets Pozichalnik                                                                                                                                                                     

Credit union “ZARAZ ”  Full name                                                                                                                                              


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