Credit union members have the right:

1) participate in the management of the credit union, elect and be elected to its governing bodies;

2) submit proposals for consideration by the governing bodies of the credit union;

3) receive loans from the credit union and use other services provided to members of the credit union in accordance with the Charter;

4) receive information on the activities of the credit union, familiarize themselves with the annual balance sheets, financial statements, minutes of meetings of the union’s governing bodies and other documents on the activities of the credit union;

5) receive income on your share contribution, unless otherwise provided by the decision of the general meeting of the credit union;

6) withdraw from the members of the credit union in the manner prescribed by the Law of Ukraine “On Credit Unions” and the Statute.

Members of the credit union may have other rights that do not contradict and are provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine, the charter and other acts of the credit union.