The agreement may be terminated ahead of schedule in the event of:

1. In court:

– at the request of the Borrower on the grounds provided for by law.

2. At the request of the Lender on the grounds provided for by the agreement, namely:

– recognition of the loan repayment period as having arrived, and the loan obligatory for repayment, demanding early repayment of the loan, payment of interest and accrued penalties, forcibly collecting the debt on the loan (the body of the loan, interest for using the loan and the accrued penalties)), in the event of delay in payment of a part of the loan and / or interest for more than one calendar month (three calendar months if the Agreement is secured by a mortgage or is a consumer loan for the purchase of housing) of the Agreement and / or on other grounds established by the legislation of Ukraine.

3. By mutual agreement of the parties by concluding an additional agreement. The procedure and conditions for concluding an additional agreement are provided for by a previously concluded loan agreement.

4. In case of early termination of the Agreement, the Borrower is obliged to pay the Lender the entire amount of the unpaid loan and accrued interest for the actual period of use of the loan on the day of termination of the Agreement.