If there is extra money, they should not be dead weight. It is necessary to ensure their proper preservation and, if possible, make a profit from it. Funds can be invested profitably, the main thing is to choose the right place to invest money.

Credit Unions

One of the most popular investment objects among the population of our country is a deposit. He is most familiar, does not carry increased risks, but at the same time does not have good profitability. Many place deposits with banks without thinking that there is a more profitable investment of money at interest.

Credit unions – financial institutions that accept deposits of the population. If you were wondering how to invest money, pay attention to these organizations. They are quite reliable, many are participants in the Deposit Guarantee Guarantee Fund, and they also offer more favorable terms for placing funds.

Benefits of working with credit unions

Looking for where to invest money? The economic crisis has left its mark on the financial system of Ukraine. Weak, unreliable financial institutions could not stand it; only strong ones remained on the market, those who are confidently standing on their feet. Including credit unions. As an object of investment, credit unions look more attractive than banks:

  • Offer a higher percentage on deposit;
  • have a high degree of reliability;
  • offer more favorable conditions;
  • individual approach.

Credit unions make more efficient use of borrowed resources, therefore the investor’s income from investing in them is higher. The remaining parameters of deposits of credit unions are similar to banking ones. But there are unique offers, such as the ability to withdraw part of the amount without changing the interest rate, a floating interest rate, depending on the term, amount and so on.

Deposits from ZARaZ

Do not know what you can invest at interest? ZARaZ company offers one of the most favorable conditions for placing funds in Kiev. A wide selection of deposits, here everyone will find more convenient for themselves: with replenishment, partial withdrawal, long-term or for several months.

On our site you can find offers. Here, the client can also calculate his profit using a deposit calculator. If you have chosen a suitable deposit for yourself – do not waste time, submit an online application for a deposit directly on the site.