Everyone dreams of having their own corner. Buying an apartment is expensive and often fails to save the required amount. Despite the fact that mortgage lending in our country has practically disappeared, today there is an opportunity to take a loan for real estate.

Credit Unions

Many use loans from credit unions. Typically, people take consumer loans, not even suspecting that in these organizations it is quite realistic to take a large amount to buy an apartment.

Credit unions are credit organizations that provide certain financial services. Their offers are becoming more popular due to loyal conditions and the possibility of lending to borrowers, despite the credit history and official earnings.

The advantage of real estate loans from credit unions

Getting a bank loan for an apartment is very difficult. The borrower is scrupulously evaluated and is required to provide various documents, including official income. But what if the client does not fit the criteria of the bank?

Credit unions will solve this problem. They offer:

  • quick loans with a processing period of one day;
  • minimum package of documents; income statement is not important;
  • loyal credit conditions;
  • low requirements for the borrower;
  • Individual approach to each client.

Credit unions provide loans to purchase real estate on bail. In this case, it is usually sufficient to provide a passport, TIN and documents on the subject of pledge. Each borrower is approached individually, comprehensively assessing its financial capabilities, and can also meet and change the terms of the transaction.

Apartment on credit ZaRaZ company offers

If you need to take an apartment on credit in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine – contact the ZaRaZ company. This is a credit union that offers attractive conditions for its customers, despite the difficult economic situation in our country.

An apartment in Kiev on credit – with ZaRaZ, this is real. By submitting a minimum package of documents, you can receive up to five hundred thousand hryvnias for the purchase of real estate throughout the day. We have flexible conditions, we approach each client individually. If you have a damaged credit history, this will not be an obstacle to our cooperation. Check out the offers on our website, here you can also apply for online.