Around us is a world of exciting opportunities. You just have to grab onto them. In the end, the whole world is at your feet – your time has come!

So, the first step, to become a force that is going to shake the world, we go to the nearest branch of the bank in order to apply for a student loan or in other words a loan for study.

Let’s calculate the cost of your expenses at a competitive interest rate.

Together with a student loan, a standard bank account with a debit card will also be opened for you. The bank will open an account that best suits your needs.

You can use the money from a student loan for:

– tuition fees;

– book purchases;

– purchase of necessary equipment (laptop, etc.);

– You can also pay for accommodation (rental housing).

Student loan repayment

In the countries of the European Union and America – if you are a full-time student, then you can start repaying a loan after graduation. However, during your studies, you will be required to pay monthly interest. Interest may be withdrawn from your bank account or your guarantor’s account. Some banks provide a grace period for loan repayment after graduation or internship. If you are an extramural student, then you need to repay the loan while studying. You will also need to start paying off your loan immediately after receiving it.

A loan for training can be taken WITHOUT MORTGAGE. In this case, the interest rate will be up to 40%. If you take a loan with a mortgage, the loan rate will be lower and the period may be longer.