Credit Union “ZaRaZ” is recognized as a leader among companies in Ukraine according to the National Business Rating of Ukraine.

In December 2011, the ZaRaZ credit union began its activities in the Ukrainian financial services market. The institution provides funds on loan, including on the terms of a financial loan, as well as attracts financial assets with the obligation to repay them later.

 The purpose of our credit union is: first, an individual approach to each, and secondly – to meet the needs of union members in mutual lending and financial services through joint cash contributions,” – says the head of the financial institution “ZaRaZ” Mykola Abramsky Volodymyrovych.

The activities of the union are based on certain principles, including: voluntary membership and freedom of exit from the credit union, self-government, equality and transparency. Regarding the social sector of work – the credit union “ZaRaZ” conducts charitable activities in support of the Ukrainian army.

We will add that the union was also recognized as the leader among business associations of Ukraine in 2013, 2016. All awards, including “Leader of the Year 2018”, received an honorary place in the main office of the institution.

“The team took the information positively. This award testifies to the objective level of stability and success of our financial institution , “Mykola Volodymyrovych said.