A credit union (COP) is a fund that accumulates funds for lending. Clients of ZaRaZ are not investors and debtors in the traditional sense – they are all our partners. We brought together people who are looking for a way to increase their savings, and those who suddenly had financial difficulties. Our goal is to improve the conditions on the lending market of Ukraine, therefore, all employees constantly improve their qualifications, develop individual payment plans and provide free advice on investments and loans in order to choose the most advantageous offer.

Advantages of investing in ZaRaZ

For those who have savings, we offer to give them a loan for real estate and earn 2-6% every month. We consider such operations to be the most profitable, able to provide high and stable profits. It is enough to put money on a deposit with the payment of income every quarter. Profit is accrued good – from 29.5% per year. The investor can terminate the contract ahead of schedule during the day and receive all or part of the invested amount. It is allowed to replenish the deposit without changing the conditions.

There is an alternative. Anyone can act as a creditor on their own. For this category, we have provided a number of services:

  • free legal aid;
  • selection of borrowers, assessment of their solvency and the value of collateral;
  • assessment of documents provided by borrowers;
  • risk identification;
  • legal support during the execution of the contract and monitoring until debt repayment;
  • sale of property provided as collateral in case of non-return of funds.

The investor needs to leave a request, indicating the amount, requirements for collateral and loan term. An employee of ZaRaZ will select a borrower and help to conclude an agreement. We guarantee an individual approach to each investor and complete confidentiality.

Lending terms

There are people who can’t get a loan from a bank because they get paid in an envelope and therefore can’t get a certificate of income. Some are afraid of the need to collect a whole package of documents. Many were disappointed in bank lending due to unfavorable conditions and are looking for alternatives. Not everyone agrees to pay huge interest on quick loans.

ZaRaZ is not a bank, but provides cash, loans with and without collateral on credit. By providing a minimum amount of documents (income statement is not required), we can get up to 50 thousand UAH in cash for any purchase, payment of studies, treatment or travel in 1 day. Under a car, you can get 200 thousand UAH for 2 years at a rate of 5% per month. A passport, code and documents of ownership of the pledged property are required.

Funds for the purchase of real estate or a car can be obtained by providing a passport, code and documents of ownership of the pledged property (land, house, apartment, vehicle or other value). The maximum amount is 500 thousand UAH, the transaction is executed in 1 day. You need to return the funds for 2 years (maximum), the rate is from 2% per month. Up to 1 million UAH for 2 years with a rate of 2% per month can be borrowed by pledging real estate

If the borrower has any difficulties with repayments, the issue of prolonging the contract (extending the validity period), restructuring the debt, providing a deferral or lowering the interest rate is considered. Regardless of the circumstances, the optimal solution is always found.

Advantages of the ZaRaZ CS

For the benefit of credit conditions, we are a profitable alternative to banks.

At ZaRaZ:

  • competitive interest rates;
  • lack of need to collect a large package of documents;
  • development of individual debt repayment plans;
  • the ability to make changes to conditions in case of difficulties with payment;
  • execution of contracts within one business day;
  • understandable conditions for lending programs;
  • 3 ways to get advice and application: form on the website, phone, office in Kiev;
  • qualified legal assistance and financial advice.

When selecting a program, our specialists take into account the amount of income in the future. At the same time, we try to maintain a balance between profit and expenses of borrowers – monthly payments should not exceed 35% of income. We will be happy if the borrower repays the debt ahead of schedule.

The maximum loan amount secured is 80% of the value of the property offered as collateral. The interest rate may depend on the repayment period. The borrower sees all the conditions in the annex to the contract. Calculations are made in hryvnias (without reference to the dollar). If other financial organizations refused to provide a loan, this will not affect our decision in any way.

CS “ZaRaZ” is an officially registered financial structure that clearly complies with the rules established in the country and treats clients as partners.