Making money is not the most important thing. Money is a commodity, it is necessary not only to use it profitably, but also to “sell” it correctly in order to receive additional income from it.

Where to invest

This year ends, it was not the easiest. The inflation rate has grown significantly, which cannot but upset. Real incomes are gradually decreasing due to the depreciation of the national currency, so the issue of saving funds becomes an acute issue.

Many have savings, save money for an expensive purchase or vacation in the summer. Usually money is always kept at hand – at best, on the card, or even in the old fashion “under the pillow”.

This is totally wrong. In a market economy, money should work. It may seem that the income from various investments is insignificant, but it does exist. Capital accumulates from little things, and this needs to be used.

One of the most popular objects of investing money with an ordinary citizen are:

  • the property;

  • gold;

  • bank deposits.

Some also invest in securities, which brings regular income. Where to invest in 2020, where to invest in Ukraine in order to protect against inflation and at the same time increase it?

Investment in a credit union

Today, many credit unions operate in the financial market. A few years ago, natural self-cleaning occurred among them – the market got rid of weak and inefficient organizations, leaving them strong and reliable.

They are the attractive object of investment and every day this attractiveness is more and more traced. Investing in a credit union is a profitable investment. Credit unions are familiar to us as credit organizations, which are something akin to mutual assistance cash desks, investing in which money can be counted on to receive a loan on favorable terms. ZaRaZ Credit Union is the most transparent lending process. We offer loans secured by real estate in Kiev and ordinary unsecured consumer loans.

A credit union is a financial organization that, in addition to issuing loans, accepts money at interest and pays considerable interest to its customers for using it. ZaRaZ Credit Union is a mutual lending to shareholders where the invested funds are used for lending, and ZaRaZ Credit Union acts as an administrator of relations (administer the process).

Loans to each other are more reliable. The investor fully receives his money, because the business reputation and property of the organization are the guarantor of repayment. He should not pay attention to the lending process, because the credit union takes risks.

Some are worried about the higher interest on the deposit, but in fact there is nothing surprising here, because they give out loans on more loyal terms, often without a certificate of income. The risk of such operations is much higher, because the interest on the loan is higher. Something similar can be observed in banks. The same financial institution can issue several types of loans with different interest rates, they depend on the risk that accompanies such operations.

Therefore, interest on deposits in credit unions is an order of magnitude higher, and the risk of investment is minimal. One of the reliable, dynamically developing companies is the credit union ZaRaZ. He offers the best investment for his customers, whose number is growing every day. You can get acquainted with them on the website . If you are interested in what to invest money in, the answer is simple – a credit union will become a reliable partner, a tool for saving your money and increasing wealth.