Placement period: 1,3,6,9,13,18,24 months

Interest rate: from 14% to 28% per annum, depending on the term of the deposit

Minimum deposit amount: 1000 UAH.

Interest payment: at the end of the contract

Deposit: NO

Partial Withdrawal: NO

Extra % of your deposit: +1% is added to existing programs if you have a pension certificate or for members of the union who have already opened a deposit at ZaRaZ

Conditions for early termination of the deposit agreement: in case of early termination of the agreement at the initiative of the depositor, interest is recalculated from the beginning of the agreement at the deposit rate on demand – 2% per annum.

Savings deposit without replenishment

Make your savings one of the main sources of stable income for you.

Savings deposit is a reasonable investment of your funds for a long period. This is exactly what is necessary for your money, given the high %, the possibility of replenishment, the reliability of savings for the entire period.

A savings deposit is reliability, freedom of action, simplicity and convenience, and transparency of all conditions. Security is provided through insurance of the entire amount, stability and expansion of our institution and the provision of loans on bail.

Investors argue that the most profitable way to store their savings is long-term investment. Money issued on deposit can bring more than just good passive income. Funds that are not invested in a profitable business lose their value every month.

CS “ZaRaZ” always has a consistently high %. However, no matter how the market conditions change, the% will not decrease, since it is fixed in the conditions of the contract.

Please note that our institution is quite flexible and goes to meet everyone, in case of any unforeseen situations. If you want to withdraw some part of the deposit, but the conditions do not provide for this, we can easily loan you at a minimum%, on favorable terms.

Our institution conducts free financial trainings that will help you understand the strategy of the savings rule, ensure the future with it, the ability to be always ready for any unforeseen financial situations.

Savings deposits will always be a good financial tool for accumulating and increasing your personal budget, one of the good ways to achieve your life goals.

Our advantages:

– High interest on deposits – up to 28%;

– We insure savings deposits and all subsequent deposits in full;

– We are among the top 10 among the state rating “Investment Attractiveness”;

– Deposits are secured by super-liquid real estate in Kiev;

– A special loyalty program offered for regular customers;

– Flexibility due to the possibility of partial withdrawal, replenishment, etc .;

– High-quality service and qualified staff.

The work of COP Zaraz is to save and increase your savings deposit !!!

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