It is difficult to find a person who has not encountered loans. They are drawn up by companies and individuals, poor people and rich, are taken for different needs. The most common type of loan is consumer.

What is a consumer loan?

The bulk of the loan portfolio of any lending institution are consumer loans . They are issued for current needs, for example:

  • for the purchase of equipment;
  • for treatment;
  • to study;
  • to the wedding;
  • to rest.

Most consumer loans are issued in cash, they can be spent in any way – to organize a party or buy the right thing, all at the discretion of the borrower. But in order to fulfill your dream, it is important to choose the right credit institution, which is ready to provide consumer credit.

Consumer loans in credit unions

There was a stereotype that a loan can be issued only at the bank, but this is not so. Banks make high demands on borrowers, they require a large number of documents, a statement of income, sometimes they give out consumer loans on bail or require guarantors.

Credit unions have appeared on the lending market, which are more specialized. They give out quick consumer loans for every need. Unlike banks, credit unions do not place high demands on their borrowers. This is especially true for people who have unofficial income and can not provide a certificate of income.

Credit unions issue consumer loans within a few hours, while not requiring a large number of documents. In times of crisis, many banks refuse to borrowers, especially those whose credit history is damaged. Credit unions are more loyal, they give out consumer credit without information without guarantors, even to those customers who were refused by other financial institutions.

Credit Union ZaRaZ

ZaRaZ Credit Union is one of those that offers to issue a consumer loan in Kiev on favorable terms. The specialists of our company provide the necessary advice, and cash for any needs can be received in just a few hours, while a minimum package of documents is required.

A favorable distinction of ZaRaZ is its attitude to the client – there is an individual approach, both when issuing a loan, and when accompanying. If the borrower has unforeseen circumstances, the ZaRaZ credit union is ready to meet the challenge, up to changing the terms of the transaction. Turning to ZaRaZ, you can get not only a loan for consumer needs on favorable terms, but also get professional service and a loyal attitude. We do not consider clients with bad credit history as violators, we strive to enter the situation and provide assistance to the client. On our website you can study our  conditions and find contact details of the company.