Most of the population takes a loan for consumer needs. At the same time, it is important for borrowers that registration is carried out with a minimum package of documents, quickly and without high requirements.

Credit Unions

Almost everyone made out consumer loans. This is money to buy a phone, household appliances, study, treatment, and much more. But lending risks force banks to tighten loan conditions. This was reflected in the number of failures in the issuance of consumer loans. Therefore, most borrowers began to use the services of credit unions. These organizations provide certain financial services to the population, including consumer loans .

The work of the credit union is based on a partnership of members of the organization. Participants can count on financial support in the form of a loan, if necessary. Availability and low requirements distinguishes consumer loans from credit unions from banking.

Benefits of working with credit unions

Credit unions issue consumer credit without information , without guarantors. Moreover, the amount can be quite high and reach several hundred thousand hryvnias. A small loan is issued upon the provision of, as it is, a passport and TIN, and a more impressive one is a consumer loan secured. The advantages of cooperation with credit unions include:

  • low requirements for borrowers;
  • high speed of registration;
  • the possibility of lending in the presence of a bad credit history;
  • profitable interest;
  • flexible conditions;
  • individual approach.

Unlike banks, credit unions can meet their customers, offer individual loan conditions, restructuring, and so on.

Consumer loans from ZaRaZ

Consumer credit in Kiev can be obtained at ZaRaZ. This credit union offers its customers favorable conditions. It is possible to get a loan for a small amount, and large borrowers can expect a loan of up to 1 million hryvnia.

As for consumer credit, only a passport and TIN are required to get it. Registration term – from several hours to one day. This takes into account not only official income, but also the full financial capabilities of the borrower.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the offers from the ZaRaZ company, use a loan calculator to calculate the payment, and also apply for a consumer loan.