Common mistakes when selling an apartment

Of course, every apartment owner wants to sell the apartment at the highest price and in the shortest time. But due to mistakes, the sale can be delayed for several years.

Haste in sales
Some owners are in a hurry and want to sell the apartment as soon as possible. At the same time, they do not study the market, do not analyze the pricing policy, which of course will affect the unearned money for the apartment.

There is a category of owners who specifically inflate the price of the apartment in order to bid with the client and give him a discount that should encourage the purchase. Experts do not advise to do so, because most buyers focus on aggregator sites on their budget and the apartment with an inflated price will not fall into their field of vision. This is especially not the case if the realtor is selling, because you will have to drop the price and pay for services.

Lack of information
Often there are only a few photos in the ads and that’s it. Such “options” are perceived by buyers as suspicious, so they do not want to contact the seller. It is also not necessary to hide information about the shortcomings of the apartment – it will still be revealed when viewing it, and trust will be lost.

The presence of illegal redevelopment
It is necessary to “legalize” all existing redevelopment in advance, because the buyer of the contract will still learn about it and problems at the stage of purchase may discourage the desire to take an apartment.

Surprisingly, the presence of even the simplest repair significantly increases the price of the apartment. It is enough to simply re-glue wallpaper, paint the ceiling, sand the parquet. It should be borne in mind that most buyers do not want to repair immediately after receiving the apartment.

Poor quality photos
High-quality photos that show all the details of the apartment can greatly reduce the time of sale. Experts advise hiring a photographer for this purpose.

Preparation of documents
Sometimes it happens that the buyer is found and you have already agreed to enter into a contract of sale, but for example, lost TIN or there is a debt for housing or something else – it can all discourage the client. Therefore, it is better to check in advance the availability of all documents and the absence of debts.