Energoatom continues to implement the idea of ​​cryptocurrency mining

We remind you that six months ago the Ministry of Energy instructed Energoatom to study the mining process and consider its application at nuclear power plants. Then this idea caused a public response, but it still began to be realized.

In October, Energoatom and Bitfury Holding BV signed an agreement to set up modern data centers near nuclear power plants.

Due to this agreement, it is planned that electricity production will increase significantly as well as its consumption, which will already have a positive impact on the energy sector (grow to 2 GW).

Also, these data centers will have a positive impact on data processing services, which will significantly reduce the cost of owning IT infrastructure.
Energoatom currently notes that it has always had a surplus of electricity, but against the background of the coronavirus, the surplus has increased several times. Especially at night, consumption is very low, and thus it is planned to increase production and make it more even. All these actions will help improve the state of Ukraine’s energy market, as it is currently at a disadvantage.