Farmers are provided with seed potatoes by 14%

According to the estimates of profile associations in Ukraine for 2020, farmers are provided with seed potatoes by 14% of the total area intended for potato growing.

It is noted that in August the Ministry of Development, Trade and Agriculture developed and implemented a plan for the development of vegetables and potatoes until 2025. According to its provisions, the main share of the potato market is in the shadows, and in order to bring it to a transparent level, compensation payments of 20% of the value of seed potatoes are offered to farmers from the state. This will be an economic factor to exit the shadow market and improve product quality.

Thus, in 2019, Ukrainian producers grew about 40,000 tons of certified seed potatoes, but only 12,000 tons were sold on the domestic market. The rest was bought by importing companies.

Thus, according to the estimates of the profile association, producers plant an average of 3.2 tons of seed potatoes on the 1st hectare. That is why officially certified seed potatoes will suffice for 12,500 hectares, which is 14% of the total potato area.