Features of declaring bank accounts

The declaration campaign continues. Therefore, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) has prepared an explanation for entering information about bank accounts in the declaration.

So, what are the features of declaring bank accounts to pay attention to:

First, all banking and other financial institutions that have opened an account with you or a member of your family are subject to declaration, even if they are abroad.

Second, any accounts: deposit, current, conditional storage and others are subject to mandatory declaration. Minor bills or payments for a newborn baby are also included in this list.

The third point is that financial institutions include credit unions, private pension funds and other legal entities that provide financial services and operations.

Fourth. In the declaration you indicate only the account number, not the bank card number. Please note that the validity of the payment card does not mean automatic closing of the account with the Bank, unless otherwise provided by the agreement.

Fifth, to ensure that your information is correct, it is best to contact the bank or financial institution where you are served.

It is also important to remember that if you or a member of your family opens a foreign currency account with a non-resident bank, you must notify the NAPC within 10 days, indicating the account number and location of the bank.