How to pay less for heating

Currently, heating is already connected in every house, but the temperature outside has not yet reached its lowest point. When this happens, the heating bill will slowly and inevitably creep up.
Therefore, the question becomes relevant for every resident: “how to pay less for gas?”.

Choose an operator with more affordable tariffs
There is currently a gas market in Ukraine, with more than 50 public service companies officially operating. So it is necessary to consider their proposals and enter into an agreement with the most attractive terms. If you do not do this, you can automatically get to the service company with a high tariff grid.


Home insulation
First of all, to pay less for gas for heating, you need to insulate the house. It can be installation of double-glazed windows, external covering of walls with heat-insulating materials, and also placement of heat-reflecting screens behind batteries, etc.
Yes, not everyone can do it in winter, but these activities really help to save on heating. Moreover, the state subsidizes these measures.


Choose the right gas boiler
Currently, new gas boilers have an efficiency of almost 98%, so it is recommended that if residents have an old model – to update it. Also, when choosing a boiler, you need to clearly define what power is needed to heat your home. For example, if you take a more powerful model than necessary, it will run at half capacity, thereby reducing efficiency and increasing heating costs.