How to reduce spending on payments by 50%, advice from the government

First of all, savings can be achieved through the installation of meters and the introduction of energy efficiency measures.

So government experts say that programs to lend to the population for home insulation has helped significantly. In total, since 2014, about 850 thousand families have benefited from this program. According to the State Statistics Service, after the insulation of the building, the savings in payment can reach up to 50%. Data on condominiums and households show that the savings reach 20-25%.

As for private households, for example in Poltava region, the family raised UAH 26,000. for thermal insulation of the house, the state returned from them 9 thousand UAH. Currently, the payment for heating gas for this family has decreased by 47%.

Another example: in the kindergarten №259 in Kyiv, during the measures to increase energy efficiency, modern equipment for electrical monitoring and an individual electric heating station were installed. After that, on average, it was possible to reduce costs by 30%, and the room temperature became more constant in the range of 19-21 degrees.

In 2021, a state program is also planned to provide loans to households to improve energy efficiency. Join.