In July, Ukrainians complained a record number of times about collectors in the NBU

Thus, in July, the NBU processed 535 complaints from Ukrainians regarding the operation of collectors. Because of this, the press service prepared material on how to protect against pressure and threats from collectors.

Among the two main problems are pressure and threats from collectors to the debtor himself, and pressure on relatives and neighbors who have nothing to do with the loan.
Thus, when issuing a loan, financial companies usually ask the borrower to indicate in the documents the number of a relative, friend or colleague. In this case, the institution does not enter into any surety agreements and may not even verify the authenticity of the contacts provided. As a rule, the financial institution plans to collect funds through collectors in case of overdue loan payments.

The NBU notes that if a collector is called with threats to a person who has nothing to do with the loan, it is a violation of the law, namely the law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”. Financial company so collectors do not have the right to process personal data without the consent of the owner.

Threats of violence, swear words and round-the-clock calls also violate the following articles of the Constitution of Ukraine (№3, №21, №22, №32) and the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Article 182).
According to the current legislation, collectors have the right only to notify the debtor and his guarantor of the debt.

If you have been called by collectors and you have nothing to do with the debt, you need to explain everything to them. If calls and threats continue, you should contact law enforcement or the court. You can also get a consultation at the contact center of the NBU at – 0 800 505 240.