In Ukraine, there will be market prices for gas for the population

Under the new rules, consumers have the opportunity to choose their own supply package based on the required volume, price and period. Based on this, an annual contract will be concluded (it emphasizes the monthly formula formation of gas prices). The price, in turn, will be formed based on quotations from international prices, the current market, as well as the terms of the contract.

It is noted that price increases will continue until the end of the year (price formation is also affected by seasonal demand and the onset of the heating season). But there is also good news: in this heating period the cost will be 20-30% cheaper than last year. Also, experts emphasize, this year the normal transit of gas through the Ukrainian GTS will continue. Russia has faced new obstacles in laying the alternative Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

Naftogaz notes that the growth of gas prices will differ in pace from Europe (this is influenced by the record accumulation of resources in underground storage facilities – 42% more than last year). Ukraine is also fully supplied with other fuels.