What to invest in. How can you become happier in the materialistic world

What to invest in? This question is asked by almost everyone who owns certain free assets. Of course, it’s very foolish to keep them “under the mattress”. Finance should work and bring dividends to its owner. Everyone knows about this simple and obvious truth.

Further, we will talk about where it is profitable to invest in modern realities, in the context of a protracted economic crisis that has affected almost all areas of our lives. What is it profitable to invest your money in today: in land, real estate or shares of large companies?

Most economists and analysts who are actively trying to figure out what is the best way to invest money, identify the six most successful areas of investment. These are stocks, precious metals, currency, land, real estate, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Securities of various companies (stocks) – one of the most acceptable investment options for novice investors. Of course, there is a considerable share of risk. However, with a successful investment, you can get up to 100% of annual profit.

What is profitable to invest money in addition to stocks? Opponents of financial risk prefer to make foreign currency deposits (in euros or dollars). Although, taking into account annual inflation of about 10-12%, such an income looks very doubtful. As for the terms of deposits, experts advise placing their deposits for a year or six months.

The third most popular investment is precious metals (primarily gold). Although this solution is more suitable for those who want to preserve their financial assets, they can’t multiply them in any way. You can invest not only in classic gold bars, but also in jewelry, as well as rare coins.

Investing today, here, now – confidence in every day

What is it profitable to invest in now? It is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question, because even experienced economic experts will not dare to guess what the situation will be in the global and regional economy in a year or two. Next, we offer you several more options of what it is worth investing today.

First of all, it is worth recalling the land and real estate (residential or commercial). In recent years, large apartments in new buildings (up to 100 square meters) have been in demand in the capital and other large cities of the country. Moreover, you need to invest money not in finished apartments. Investing in real estate should be when a residential building is just starting to be built.

What else can you invest in our country? Many advise investing in a small business that is more resistant to economic crises and all kinds of cataclysms than big business. To find a good and profitable project in which you can invest your money, the ZaRaZ credit union , specializing in mutual lending , will help .

What to invest money in today – everyone must decide for himself, soberly weighing all the risks and benefits of a particular investment.