Credit Union “ZaRaZ”: 5 years in the financial services market

Dreams in a person can be very different. Someone wants to visit a faraway exotic country or buy an elite car, another wants to open his own bakery or dance school. Any human desire must come true sooner or later. And help in the implementation of a wide variety of dreams for five consecutive years has been provided by the Kiev credit union ZaRaZ.

Where to get a loan ? Where is it better to invest your free cash assets? Answers to all these questions will help to give our company. Exactly 5 years ago, an organization was founded on a cooperative basis in Kiev, the main purpose of which was to provide various financial services. Among those:

  • granting loans secured by property;
  • registration of deposits;
  • private investment ;
  • providing various kinds of advice on financial and investment issues.

Five years is a lot or a little? Definitely difficult to answer. One way or another, during this period we have achieved considerable success. All the necessary certificates and licenses allow our company to fully work in the financial services market. The staff of CS “ZaRaZ” – the best experts in their field, real experts in the field of finance and lending. And these are not just highly qualified lawyers and economists. Each of us realizes how important his activity is to help ordinary people, those who need money or competent advice.

One of the key mottos in the activities of our organization can be presented as follows: “The key to success is in an individual approach!”. Indeed, we try to take into account the interests and desires of each of our clients, regardless of their status or financial position in society.

ZaRaZ Credit Union: Confidence in Tomorrow!

The credit union “ZaRaZ” during its work has helped to realize the cherished dreams of more than a dozen citizens of our country. It is very difficult to get a loan in the current crisis conditions. Especially if a person is not able to document their income.

Our organization provides loans with favorable interest rates on the security of real estate, land or other property. At the same time, the procedure for processing such a loan is as quick as possible, without bureaucratic delays and the preparation of a huge number of documents.

We never try to mislead or in any way fool our borrowers. After all, we are aware that the material well-being of each of our clients is also a significant part of our common success. And our employees do absolutely everything to bring a person closer to their dream.

Invest profitably with the credit union “ZaRaZ”

Not only is our financial organization engaged in lending to customers, but it also provides an opportunity for capital owners to increase their wealth. We create all the necessary conditions so that we meet those who need money to implement their business projects with those who can provide them in the required quantities.

What is it profitable to invest in today ? The consultants of our company are ready to answer this difficult and very urgent question. Moreover, we describe all the possible risks of a particular investment, suggest which direction in investing should be chosen in a particular situation.

All legal and financial consultations are carried out in full and absolute confidentiality.

Reviews about our company

How well and efficiently have we worked over these five years? Perhaps the most complete picture of this can be made up of dozens of positive reviews that our grateful customers have left us. Almost all of them note favorable conditions in the provision of consumer loans, high service and general transparency in the conclusion of transactions. A pleasant surprise for many is the complete absence of any hidden fees for the services provided.

Many Ukrainians complain that banks in the current conditions of a deep economic crisis refuse to issue loans to them. Over the years of our activity, our organization has helped to improve the financial situation of more than one Ukrainian family. Interestingly, some customers who took out a loan at CS “ZaRaZ” returned to us again after a certain period of time, but in order to open a deposit. This proves once again that our company in its work puts customer interests in the first place, providing the most favorable credit conditions.

Absolutely all of our clients note a high level of professionalism of the specialists of the ZaRaZ credit union. But we do not rest on our laurels and do not take these praises for granted. At our institution, various trainings and seminars are regularly held to improve the qualifications and competencies of our employees. After all, we are aimed at long-term and successful activities, and confidently look to the future!

All feedback on the work of ZaRaZ received from our customers is a huge incentive to further development and improvement. We listen to each of them, take into account all the recommendations, wishes and the slightest comments addressed to us. Indeed, only in this way, by joint efforts, we will be able to build a powerful organization that can fulfill the cherished dreams of our customers. We are developing, and sincerely want you to develop with us, our dear and dear customers!

Five years for such a company is not a very long time. But this time was enough for us to realize the main priorities of our activities. And they consist in helping each of our clients realize themselves in this complex materialistic world, bring everyone closer to the realization of their cherished goal!