LinkedIn conducted research on the professions that are most in demand

Compared to last year, demand has changed significantly from the technical sphere to medical and e-commerce. Below are the top 10 popular destinations this year.

E-commerce – through quarantine measures the companies have hired and will hire employees who will serve online stores and deliver the ordered goods.

The credit and mortgage segment is now one of the lowest interest rates on loans and mortgages, and we can also see the demand for loans from entrepreneurs and governments through social protection programs.

Medical sector – due to quarantine and the epidemic, the demand for support staff and doctors has increased significantly.

Business development and sales specialists – due to the reformatting of the business, the role of such specialists has significantly increased.

Inclusive Experts – Against the backdrop of protests over the death of George Floyd, many companies have begun hiring inclusion experts to ensure diversity in their positions and to hear new voices.

The field of digital marketing – a large part of the population has moved to remote work, because of which network marketing has become in demand, respectively, and a specialist for it.

Nurses – due to the overload of the medical system, this profession is in great demand now.

Field of education – due to the transition to distance learning there is a need for professionals who can work in this format.

The direction of digital content – due to the isolation of society, streaming services, YouTube channels and social networks are currently in great demand. networks. That’s why professionals and bloggers are hired for large networks.

Personal trainers – against the background of the pandemic, many have overestimated their attitude to work, and began to look for new directions of development. Professional coaches help them in this.