Owners of cars with Euro number plates can receive a fine of UAH 170,000

Thus, according to the current legislation, if the term of permitted import or transit of a car with Euro number plates is exceeded (for 30 days) or loss of a car will be punished by a fine of 170,000 UAH or confiscation of the vehicle (Articles 470 and 481 of the Customs Code).

According to lawyers, many car owners now believe that there is a “memorandum” that does not allow customs officers to fine the license plate, but this is not the case. Also, the law on simplified customs clearance is currently frozen and not relevant. Therefore, customs officers issue fines.

Currently, citizens crossing the border receive a protocol with a fine or confiscation. It is noted that people who haven’t crossed the border yet don’t receive protocols.
The judiciary in this situation is on the side of customs. Thus, the owners found themselves in a difficult situation because if they cross the border – they will receive a fine or confiscation. Also in this case, customs clearance of the car does not help. Lawyers currently do not know how to help and advise not to cross the border yet to citizens who have already exceeded the term of car import.