Together to Victory! We hope you are safe during this troubled time.

Dear members of the ZaRAZ Credit Union, today we are doing everything together for our Victory: some with weapons on the front line, some at checkpoints, some as a volunteer, some at their workplace.

Our union continues to work, support the state’s economy, pay taxes, financially support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and do everything possible to ensure that the financial system of our country remains stable and stable.

If you are not able to repay the loan in time and in full or in part, find yourself in a difficult situation, lose property and more – let us know, we will find possible ways to solve problems! Please contact the economists of the Constitutional Court and inform us about your circumstances, as well as about your service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Emergency Service, units of Teroborona, etc. In the case of service, please provide the relevant documents: an order (extract from the order) on the appointment and application.

We recommend that you pay for loans without cash, through online banking services. You can find payment details here. .

All information about the activities of the credit union “ZaRaZ” for the period of martial law on loans, deposits (deposits) of members of the union on deposit accounts and receiving interest on deposits, you can get by phone: 067 242 44 67, 050 443 50 30, 063 495 37 03, 0800 755 427 and Viber 067 180 10 05 during business hours .

You can also send your questions to the email address:

With respect and faith in the Victory, the Board of the COP “ZaRaZ”.

We hold on, we honor. Glory to Ukraine!