Professions and skills that will be in demand in the future

According to many analytical agencies, in the next 5 years about 80 million jobs may disappear due to automation and robotics, and due to the development of technology, 90 million other vacancies will be created. Some professions will disappear completely, while others will be in increasing demand.

Labor market and profession

Thus, the labor market, as noted above, will be significantly affected by robotics and technology development. This will have a significant impact on job vacancies, but at the same time there will be a demand for technology professions (artificial intelligence development, for example), as well as the media profession (social media content), design, cloud computing and product development.

Thus, by 2025, skills in creativity, flexibility and analytical thinking will become important. And 2020 added the skill of self-government.

Remote work

According to a survey of employers, about 80% in the next 5 years want to move to remote work. According to experts, 44% can do it, but they are afraid that work efficiency will fall, because a corresponding mass culture of remote work has not yet been created.