Quick employer check, current methods

Experts in the labor market advise to check the future employer to prevent unpleasant circumstances.

It is noted that you can check the employer from open sources. Therefore, you can use the following methods:

  • Checking the legal status of the company. Namely, is this organization bankrupt? has it not been eliminated? but isn’t its name similar to a famous brand? Doesn’t the director manage 50 more fictitious companies ?;
  • Checking the history of the company’s market. How long has the organization been in the market? New companies can also be quite stable, but the risk is greater than the old and “long-term”. It is also necessary to check what exactly the company has indicated as the main activity, and what it offers in reality. But it is necessary to look at how often the company changed its name, place of registration and its salary debts;
  • Verification of lawsuits. If a company has many lawsuits from former employees or other organizations, this may give a picture of its relationship to the team;
  • Check for sanctions. Are there no international sanctions? Are there any restrictions on activities ?

As a rule, these checks are enough to find out whether the employer is reliable or not.