Summer vacation 2021

The tourism industry is looking to the near future with great hope. There is a belief in victory over the global coronavirus pandemic through vaccination. Our eastern neighbors have already raised prices for holidays abroad compared to last year. Only a new increase is expected in the near future.

2020 was the most unfortunate year in the field of tourism due to the coronavirus. All states were forced to impose quarantines, so flights were almost suspended.

The world community expects the situation to improve. Mass vaccination of the population has already begun in Turkey in order to have time to prepare for the holiday season by spring.
If the pandemic is brought under control, the 2021 season will be saved and Turkey will host citizens from Germany, Ukraine, Great Britain and Russia.

In April, the Republic of Turkey plans to cancel PCR tests, which will be a nice bonus and will promote tourism.

At the same time, our compatriots often choose a holiday in Egypt, it is 78% of all sales. Exotic countries such as Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, the Maldives and the Emirates are also in great demand.

So, to sum up: according to all forecasts, the demand for tourist travel will increase, but the cost is unlikely to be too high. After all, everyone is tired and the business is ready to work in new conditions.