The order of inheritance of a privatized apartment

According to the current legislation, the privatized apartment belongs to a private person and after death it will be part of the inheritance.

But the inheritance of property will differ depending on the marital status of the owner and a number of other circumstances, for example:

  • whether the heir lived with the owner;
  • whether the heir is marked in the will, his age, degree of kinship.


Legislative norms of inheritance:
To accept the inheritance the term established by the law – 6 months;
If the heir lives with the owner, the inheritance of the apartment will be automatic. Therefore, there will be no need to seek the services of a notary. After the expiration of the allotted period, you will only need to register the property as your property;
If the heir lived separately from the owner, he will have to apply to a notary or other body authorized by law.

If the owner has made a will, his property will pass to the heir specified in it. If there is no will, the inheritance will be regulated by law. According to which the next of kin will be entitled to it.
So in the first place are spouses, children and parents, in the second – brothers, sisters, grandparents.

The heirs of the first two stages are not taxed, so it is enough for them to make a statement to the notary. But then the second stage of the heirs must conduct an appraisal and pay 5% of the cost and 1.5% of the military fee.
If there are several owners in a privatized apartment, only the share of the deceased owner is inherited. It is impossible to change this share through the court.